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Purebred Kiko Herd Sire
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Are you Kidding? !
Our Goats
On October 1 we cast our buck in with our Does so we'll be kidding in 2014 in early March.  Our buck this year is a 100% New Zealand Kiko. 

Anytime is a good time to kid here in SC, but with mild temperatures it makes it easy to kid earlier in the year to meet the Easter market demand for milk-teeth kids..

On farm sales by appointment only. Delivery available for a fee.

Our yearling does to kid in early Spring.  They range from purebred to to 50%, both registered and unregistered.
December 2008 marked the launch of our USDA inspected goat meat sales program. Our product carries this USDA label and is flash frozen and vacuum packed at a local processor.  Shown above is typical meat stock from our farm.


We sell as whole carcass' for BBQ's and others packaged as special cuts for smaller quantity purchases. The demand exceeds the supply right now. (That's how we like it!)

All meat sold (USDA) is guaranteed to be from our own herd and less than 1 year old. We don't butcher older goats as the meat is often known to be tough.

Providing THE goat everyone wants WHEN they WANT it is a perpetual challenge in this business. Could the market for fresh goat meat be Recession- proof ? ! ? !  

Our herd is raised on warm and cool season grasses in addition to pasture forage (weeds) during the growing season. Round bales of Oats hay, and intermittment "bag - feeding" for bred does, is used as a supplement during the Winter when forage is sparse.

The demand for locally grown, natural, pasture raised product is catching on despite tough economic times. 

That's the big question.  If they're not producing, it's not likely they'll have a long-term home here.  Our does are expected to produce twins, each year with the exception of their first time.​ 

We have several prized does that will ocassionally produce triplets!

Kidding videos can be viewed on our channel.

Go to and type in 'bakersacresranch' to be directed to our video library located there.

All meat sold (USDA) is guaranteed to be from our own herd and less than 1 year old. We don't butcher older goats as the meat is often known to be tough.
Lespedeza - Sirecea

Planted along edges, has been an excellent choice for erosion control, wildlife forage, and habitat. It is also an excellent goat browse and is reported to have anathematic properties (a natural de-wormer !)
Caprine Gymnastics!

Any access to a rock pile is well worth the entertainment value for goats both young and old. You CANNOT feel bad watching a goat. If your goats are visible from a window or door, be sure to place your rock pile in plain view.
Triplets! 2 down 1 still to come! This Doe delivered 2 does and a buck 6.7, 6.8, and 7.0 lbs respectively.
Snow Creek Meat Processing
Seneca, SC

Our goats are processed at this USDA facility. Judy and her team do an exceptional job.
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