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Athena - a watchful eye

We have not lost a goat yet due to predation – Athena,  Daphne, and Annie Lou get the credit !

Unlike a guard dog with aggressive tendencies toward people, LGD's are wary of strangers and position themselves between you and "their" livestock, often tripping the unsuspecting visitor. However, once they get acquainted, ours have been docile, gentle dogs. Mess with their goats or us and they'll shred you...all 125+ lbs. of them. Their cat-like tendencies often amuse us, as they are independent, carefree, and willing to be petted only when they want you to pet them. As a dog to greet you upon your arrival - they are not. You are lucky to get as much as an eye open from them. However, let a warm-blooded creature approach, and they're on it. As a cat plays with a mouse, they have been observed to play with opossums, snakes, raccoons, and even skunks - eventually killing it. Finally, unlike donkeys and llamas, midwife services to goats are routine.

LGD Fact Sheet

Warning: LGD’s keep 3rd shift hours; they are NOT for home or neighborhood use!

For more information on other methods of predator control, check out:

Flock & Family Guardian Network 

Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD)
Spay or neuter your dogs unless you intend to breed them.
50 X 50 cross Great Pyrenese and Anatolian ShepherdDaphne & Velma
These sisters were purchased from S. Bailey in Ware Place, SC at 7 weeks old. They are 50/50 mix sired by a Great Pyrenees and born to an Anatolian Shepherd. These dogs are fierce fighters and protectors against anything in the pasture THEY do not approve of. However, toward their owners and friends, they are gentle, loyal, loving dogs with personalities much like a cat.more

Akbash Dog - a breed from TurkeyAnnie Lou is a purebred Akbash Dog and our latest addition to our LGD's. At 6-moths she was 70lbs on her way up to more than 150lbs per the breed specifications. We picked her up from the Alex & Sally Hosmer at the 2011 Kikofest in Calhoun, GA. She has a great disposition and yet while a playful pup, she is well mannered and serious when "her goats" get uneasy. As Athena is aging knowing her time is limited, Annie Lou is a transition dog to be up for the #1 job in the future. For know she is content to let Athena charge the perimeter, while she remains with the herd! It is amazing to watch.
50 X 50 cross Great Pyrenes and Anatolian Shepherd.  She is sired by Anatolian Shepherd (Kahn) born to a Great Pyrenees (Zena). She has had both lower eyelids "tucked", due to them rolling in against her eyeball - common in these breeds.  
Jack is a rescued dog that does great with the goats.Jack was a rescue dog that appears to be a Lab/Border Collie mix. He is a great little farm dog and has learned to spar safely with Athena. He could care less about the livestock on pasture.  
Annie Lou
Sandi (1992-2005)

Sandi was Dave's Lab from a pup. Broke his heart when we had to put her down. She is buried at Bakers' Acres Ranch, LLC under her own oak tree. ...will always be his favorite.

Click on Sandi's photo above for "A Dog's Prayer".

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This raccoon made the fatal mistake of roaming the pasture. Normally a 'coon will wear a dog out, but unfortunately this one was tag teamed by Athena, Daphne, & Velma. Opossum's, skunks, and snakes have met the same fate.