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Bakers' Acres Ranch, LLC is located in Anderson, SC 1/2 way between Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA.  We are less than 3 miles off of I-85 in the scenic foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina.

Farm Tours

Individual and group tours are available for a small fee. While we enjoy the expressions on children’s faces the most, anyone is encouraged to explore the outdoors at Bakers' Acres Ranch, LLC. Schools, Scouts, clubs, organizations, individuals, seniors' groups, and special interest groups are all welcome by appointment.

Your questions, comments, feedback, suggestions, ideas, or anything else is welcome.

Bakers' Acres Ranch, LLC
(864) 710-3783
1764 Dalrymple Rd
Anderson, SC 29621

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Bakers' Acres Ranch, LLC - established 2003

We made this 62 acre tract our home. Beginning with raw land, we have built our home, barn, bunkhouse, and even a pond. We've ended up with 25+ goats, 2 cats, and too many dogs, on our way to... horse ownership! So how do you go from the American dream home in a neighborhood to a goat farm? Don't underestimate it. It could happen to you too!!! We've become an outdoor experience; specifically in a livestock farm setting, featuring a kid-friendly herd of goats, and a variety of dogs and cats.

"I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world." - George Washington

Dave & Donna Baker
Dave's father, Frank is a full-time advisor and helper.  Frank has raised small livestock since he was a boy and  and most recently sold a goat farm in south Texas.  He is available for local consultation and can be reached at (512) 227-6665.
"The work can wait until after the rainbow, but the rainbow won't wait until your work is complete."
Frank Baker Sr.
Donna and our friend Michelle holding some new kids.  It's the "little" things in life that keep you real.  Don't miss it.
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